Walker Settlement

In 1985, seven African American women sued the city of Dallas, HUD and DHA over segregated and inferior public housing for low-income Dallas residents. The lawsuit, known as the Walker case, documented the disconcerting reality of public housing in Dallas.

The litigation established that public housing units were built in minority sections of the city and tenant selection procedures were operated to maintain racially segregated housing. It was also determined that certain housing programs prevented minorities from moving into non-minority areas of Dallas.

In December 2004 - hundreds of millions of dollars and two decades later - the United States District Court recognized that DHA had fulfilled the court’s mandate to end segregated public housing.

As a result of the litigation, DHA has done more than simply fulfill the mandate. No longer are families forced to live in what a judge once called “a monument to segregation and neglect.” DHA has created vibrant communities across the city. The agency now offers clients a myriad of housing choices and support services, all designed to assist clients on the road toward self sufficiency, while offering a place that families are proud to call home.

DHA clients may now use vouchers to rent apartments in privately owned properties throughout the city and its suburbs; rent new townhomes in thriving neighborhoods; participate in a home rental program that gives them an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of home maintenance such as lawn care prior to homeownership; and participate in programs that assist families in becoming homeowners.

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